Crystal Faerie

Crystal Faerie

By Arishonne Elorah

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Book One in the Crystal Faerie Series an intense first person account of the life of a Simman warrior. For as long as Crystal can remember, she’s been a Simman Warrior protecting the villagers from the monstrous pyzee. But what about the time before she can remember? It shouldn’t matter. Warriors are told that they led insignifigant village lives before they make the change and become what they are. But something inside Crystal tells her that, in her case, that’s not entirely true.

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“I studied the glittering steel of the sword in my hands. I have held on to it for eighteen years. But why have I done this? Such a question had not bothered me before because I did not think of it. But now that I was once again trying to remember something from my past, I found that I had some sort of mental block that prevented it. Is there something I must do? Someone I must protect? I do not know.

I sheathed the sword and sat it back down. I would not sleep again tonight. I would wait as long as I could bare and then I would wake Aaron again so that we can get going. I rolled onto my side and I could feel his eyes on my back, or rather, my wings. The wind whipped at the tree tops and I knew it was cold. I also knew that I would not have to worry; Aaron would not freeze tonight.”